Wednesday, April 13, 2011


Remember last week’s post about the accumulation of stuff, excess shopping and eating too well? Well, Lori and Isabel sent me lots of photos during their NYC trip, and in the all photos they seem to be either shopping or fawning over the fine young man at DKNY.

Isabel with Ina...SHOPPING!
Hmmm. But it’s not as bad as it looks. Isabel tells me that most of the shopping took place BEFORE the workshop. (Ah, that explains it!) Here is what she writes:

Sarah, here’s more about the trip to NYC:

Meet Ina. She is a new and dear friend of Lori’s. Ina and Lori met in Oaxaca at a Mary Ellen Mark photography workshop. This absolutely, charming woman owns five up-scale consignment stores in SoHo with fabulous clothes—especially handbags—and she took us shopping a day before the Omega Conference, and fortunately we had not yet heard Geneen Roth warn against compulsive shopping. We bought something at all five stores!  Look for INA stores if you are in New York.

We also bought a lot of stuff at the DKNY store on Madison Avenue just because the sales person was a handsome Colombian guy by the name of Rodolfo Duque. (See his picture.) We didn’t want him to think that we were cheap...

Rudolfo @ DKNY: I'll take one of him please!
We saw an extraordinary play: War Horses. I can’t even begin to describe it, I can only say I was profoundly moved by the power of art. During the First World War (1914-18) ten million people and eight million horses died. The horses in the play are phenomenal sculptures, life size, completely movable and expressive. Two minutes into the first act I could have sworn that they were real horses. This play reinforced my conviction that war is madness. The only hope for peace is that women get really involved in the management of the world. We have to get rid of the patriarchy; we need a leap in evolution, for Goddess sake!!

For a little hint of what War Horses it like, see this YouTube movie:

After I viewed the one-minute clip I started to cry, so I know I cannot EVER see that play. 
Here also is a link to a TED conference with the puppeteers that created the horses, fascinating!
Click here for that.


  1. Querida Sarah!!!!abri la pagina de la tienda ropa y bolsos realmente muy bonitos!!! pero carisimos!!;)me alegro que nuestra querida ISABEL pueda ver tantas cosas tan lindas!!!dile a ISABEL que estoy totalmente de acuerdo con ella !!! el patriarcado ya deberia haber terminado. las mujeres somos personas que tenemos la capacidad de colocar la luz y abrir las puertas de la sensatez...TE ENVIO UN GRAN ABRAZO Y COMO SIEMPRE TE PIDO QUE SE LO DES A ISABEL CON TODO MI CARIÑO... MUCHISIMAS BENDICIONES... FLORENCIA PARRA CASTILLO... CHILE

  2. Querisa Sarah!!! acabo de ver en you tube la pelicula!!realmente, quede boquiabierta, con esta bella creacion!!! pense que eran verdaderos!!! mil gracias por compartir todo estos enlaces... ypor permitirme ser un poquitito parte del MUNDO... DE LA VIDA... DE NUESTRA QUERIDA a ISABEL!!!DILE QUE LA LLEVO ANCLADA EN MI ALMA.. QUE LA QUIERO MUCHISIMO Y SIEMPRE ESTA EN MIS ORACIONES FLORENCIA PARRA