Tuesday, May 10, 2011


After returning home following a little gathering at Isabel’s over the weekend, I was plagued by one nagging question: Who the hell was that German guy at the party? And why was he so protective of the Isabel???

When I inquired the next day, here is what Isabel had to say:

Dear Sarah,

In 2006 I had the honor of being one of the eight women who carried the Olympic flag at the Winter Olympics in Turin, Italy.  Unfortunately I was right behind Sofia Loren and in front of Susan Sarandon, so nobody noticed me. Also, in most of the pictures I am under the flag; you can only see my feet. Anyway…getting back to your question. For the event I had a German bodyguard, Thorsten Deckert: 6.7 feet of pure muscle, crew-cut hair, black leather, weapons. He looked very threatening but soon I discovered that he had the soft heart of a maiden and we became friends. He has come to visit us in the Bay Area a couple of times, traveling all the way from the Black Forest region of southwestern Germany.  This time he brought me the most unusual present: one of his police uniforms. It's not exactly my size but I will definitely wear it. In the picture I’m sending you, Thorsten is on the right.

Isabel and Thorsten the German Guy at the party! In case you can't tell, Isabel is on the left....thanks for clarifying that Isabel.

Isabel and Sophia Loren at the 2006 Winter Olympics.


  1. Whether in a too big German police uniform or a stylish winter white glamour outfit, Isabel is a stand-out :)

  2. QueridaSarah!con cuanta alegria leeoo todo!! realmente eres el nexo virtual que tengo con Isabel. mujer maravillosa que admiro adoro y que siento una amiga!!! recuerdo muy bien cuando la vi en los juegos olimpicos!!!y se veia regia!!!.. ella conjuga elegancia simpatia hermosura e inteligencia!!!por favor da mi abrazo a nuestra querida Isabel.. ydesde chile FELIZ DIA DE LA MAMA.. bendiciones!!! un besito