Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Cookie Day Coming Soon!

Gearing up for cookie day is perhaps the greatest distraction any office could know. Practically EVERYONE likes cookies. Every year for the past five years we have gathered at Isabel's house to bake cookies for friends and family. The week prior is spent "working" but we cannot go for long without discussing the ingredients we still need to buy and checking on the varieties the others are planning to bake.

Isabel's house is perfect for this event since she has two ovens and a HUGE dining room table that ends up covered in platters of freshly baked cookies. I wish I could say I give the end result, which is dozens of boxes of beautifully packaged cookies, to orphans and the elderly. The fact is, I do no such thing, I usually lock myself in a closet and eat them all! No, not really. Isabel actually did that once and we had to call paramedics, too much sugar it turns out can actually kill you if left untreated. Here we are last year at Isabel's in the throes of baking. Next week I will post the final tally and some photos from this years endeavors. Here is a little suggestion, sign up for the cookie of the day newsletter from Martha Stewart, it is a good thing! click here!

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