Thursday, December 9, 2010

Damn Cookies!

We baked something like four thousand cookies at our annual Angels Baking gathering on Saturday. 
After it was over a flurry of emails went out saying how great the day was and how much fun it had been spending time with one another. There was a general patting on the backs of friends and the term "goddesses" was bandied about. 
Then came a final email from Isabel. It read:
Angels: I am getting a little sick with all your mutual praise.  We are “okay”—not “awesome,” “incredible,” “beautiful,” or “wonderful.”  Just five middle-aged women, two women in their thirties and one grandmother baking some damn cookies. What's so extraordinary about that??? Give me a break! 
That pretty much shut us all up and we went about our lives. As for the cookies, they went to friends and teachers and neighbors and local know, the usual places. 
As a side note, you should check out this article written by Amanda Jones. It has a great list of shopping ideas that benefit developing nations. Click here to read the article.
I mention this because Amanda is invited EVERY year to the cookie party, only, she is too busy saving the world to attend.


  1. How absolutely marvelous !! My husband and I are huge fans of Isabel since reading her book "The house of the Spirits" in the late 80's and then meeting her in the Bay Area in 2003-4. What a magical individual she is. - vanessa buys

  2. Isabel Allende:
    read it
    Thanks you

  3. this makes me love isabel allende even more! when is she coming to san diego! saludos!