Thursday, December 16, 2010

In Chile It Is Summer

Isabel sent me an email this week en route to sunny Chile:
As you can see, Isabel travels light.

I am preparing to travel to Chile to see my parents. At my age, I still have parents, 94 and 90 years old, both lucid, healthy and with enough energy to fight among themselves frequently. 
I had prepared a big suitcase full of Christmas presents for the extended Chilean tribe and in the confusion of getting in the van and setting the alarm and crying over the fact that we would not see Olivia for three weeks, I left the suitcase in he garage.  As a result, I just learned that nobody expects or appreciates gifts.  Most people feel they have to reciprocate and that creates a never-ending servitude of useless gifts.  All my life I have had a trunk full of renewable objects that I keep buying just in case I "need" to make a gift.  Can you imagine how stupid that is? I have dragged the damn trunk from country to country, first as a traveler, then as a political refugee and eventually as an immigrant.  When I return home I will soak it in gasoline and burn it with all it's contents.
Alvy after a bath...
It's summer here, hot and beautiful.  I miss Olivia and Alvy.

Alvy, by the way is my dog, and he loves Isabel's dog, Olivia. I grimace as I write that since he has not yet managed to work his way into my heart and I am reluctant to mention him. He has been described as the illegitimate offspring of an extinct meerkat-type animal and a terrier in need of orthodontics. Isabel really likes him, and if it weren't for my young and fickle daughter who LOVES him and a pesky contract that states I cannot give him away, I would accidentally "leave" him at her house. However, Alvy was adopted from a rescue organization that forbids any transfer of one of their animals; I would have to give him to them first. Google “Ellen DeGeneres” and “dog” to see what she went through in a similar situation. Or just click here.
This is a photo of Alvy. If you can guess how we came up with Alvy's name, post it in a comment and Isabel will send you a signed copy of her latest book. (Just kidding. That won’t actually happen.)

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  1. Ah, Mi Chile.
    Hi Sarah, your blog is much appreciate. Being able to understand Isabel through your eyes has been most entertaining and endearing. As a first generation American, with Chilean ancestry, I was raised to love and adore my American and Chilean roots. Since the age of nice my mother has been reading to me Isabel's book like, Paula, Zorro, Of Love and Shadows, and Eva Luna. I know that Isabel has a program called The Foundation. I would love to be a part of this program and work closely with Allende. I know this is bold to ask, but what I have gain from Allende's writings is to never be afraid to express your hearts desires and emotions, for if we do, we stand in our own way to personal peace, and gratitude.
    Please keep me posted, I would greatly appreciate it. Gracias, Barbra Rubio