Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Bad Hair and Some Serious Stuff

What else did Isabel do in Chile this September? 
I will tell you, but let me warn you that some days her hair was not so great. Usually it is STUNNING but the heat—it can really bedraggle a person. And with all the interviews…It is hard being famous, and it is especially hard to keep your hair looking stunning under certain circumstances.
On the 17th, for instance, there is this big ceremony with the current president, Sebastian Piñera. The ceremony is to raise this massive flag. It is sunny and hot and Isabel wears a lovely purple frock with high heels. Everyone is greeting her and there is all this fanfare because she just got awarded this huge prize! There are many press interviews but really scant time for personal grooming. If you saw her that day it was a bad hair day, so just cut her some slack. It’s tricky sometimes.

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