Saturday, October 16, 2010

Home is where the DOG is

When Isabel and Willie finally fly home on the 26th, Nicole (Isabel’s granddaughter) informs her that in her absence a tall blonde, a beautiful German journalist, slept at the house. “Did you know about that, Mai?” she asks, using Willie’s nickname and looking at him with a scowl. Can Isabel trust Willie?  He always calls Isabel his tall blonde. 

Olivia is Isabel’s dog and, possibly, Isabel’s tall blonde. She came to her with the name “Princess” but Isabel changed it. I am not sure why, because the dog is a princess: she has velvet cushions, turkey niblet toppings on her meals, toe massages, and three treats, twice a day. I know for a fact that Olivia misses Isabel and Willie horribly because I have seen her when they leave the house. She hides in their closet and literally cries. I have to take her little bowls of water and chicken to coax her out. Only after three days will she appear, and then only for a few minutes before disappearing into the closet once again...Here she is looking beautiful for the camera:

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